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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Each of us chooses to live in a world shaped by their own realities. Our senses help us establish preferential connections with these realities and the most gifted have the ability to give back, in a personalized way, the results of their own understanding of the surrounding world. For an artist, the use of certain means of expression can become powerful weapons. An artist transforms common reality, while offering everyone a perspective on his own version. As an artist I have always interpreted that this implies a great responsibility.

I find drawing and painting attractive because of their adventurous side. An empty sheet of paper or an empty canvas contains the same amount of unknown as the greatest adventure of one's life. I approach them with fear and hope at the same time. The result is always an unexpected, wonderful discovery. However, the real joy comes when one's small, yet wonderful discovery is enjoyed by others. Only then, one has the almost uncontrollable urge to start a new, similar adventure. And every new experience becomes another step on a never ending ladder, which makes you want to keep on climbing …

Why paint NATURE? Because it is undoubtedly BEAUTIFUL! And any drawing or painting ought to praise such beauty. But the beauty of nature is in a permanent movement, like the fresh running water of a mountain spring that never stops flowing. Artistic experiences are like immersions in REALITY and TIME, allowing the artist to still an instant in time.

Why paint the CITY? Because it is REAL! The City is an element created by the human mind. The city is as beautiful as the people who created it and it's a necessary and masterful extension of nature. The CITY has become REALITY and TIME for most of us. For the artist, enjoying the city to the fullest implies painting the CITY.

Why paint anything else? Or better yet, why paint at all? Because art is a state of mind and the capacity of the human mind to recreate reality is a mysterious gift which should be enjoyed without any reserve, remorse or any other excuse whatsoever.

I am convinced that any human being has this gift.